Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas everybody!! We had a great few days here at the Butterfield house. Christine's flight Tuesday night was delayed, and thus she missed her connection, but was able to catch an early flight out of Salt Lake for Weds morning. :) Yay!!
We headed out sledding shortly after she got here- there's 1 hill on base, so we figured we'd try it out- turns out its a wee bit too steep for my little monkeys. Harry and I skidded down once on our noses and he decided he didn't want to sled anymore. Ems did pretty well, but she doesn't like to wear mittens OR have her hands cold, so obviously that didn't leave her many options!! hehe...
Ems got a cabbage patch doll- this is her saying "Hi" to her through the box... :) Giving her baby loves

Harry and Auntie ChristyEmma insisted on climbing ALL of the presents. We really didn't understand it, but it was hilarious! She wouldn't even touch, let alone open, anything that she couldn't stand on.
Ems got a car from Santa!! She absolutely LOVES it!!
Christine got the kids a super cool ball pit! Ems and Harry LOVE it!! :)

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