Saturday, December 20, 2008

Naked baby present time!

One of my children is having a VERY hard time waiting until Christmas to open presents. She doesn't even care if they're HER presents, just as long as they're open. So far, Harry's gotten a bank, Mommy got a book, and they both got pajamas, an outfit, and blankets- and that doesn't even include the things I"ve managed to snag from her before she's fully ripped them open or handed them out.

I think we all know from whom she gets this trait, but we won't embarass anybody on this nice blog. Especially since I'm the one who writes the damn blog!! :) And since all the pictures were taken on MY Christmas present.... hehe!!

In other news: we've gotten almost 3 feet of snow in the last few days. Some people seem to think this is a big deal. Apparently, in Spokane, it IS a big deal. However, to a MN girl and NH boy, its just a lot of shoveling. Which, a specific NH boy got to do this time- I swear he's been out of town for every major snowstorm since we started dating. Including the one that left a 2 ft hump at the end of my driveway last year. I kinda liked it there, it kept Harry penned in so he could play in the driveway!! It was rather hard to get the van over though....

These are the outfits my children opened. Thanks Sullivans!! Sorry they didn't make it until Christmas.... ;)

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