Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun times being Homebound....??

So, with our new 3 ft + of snow, everybody's homebound. We're itching to get out, but it seems that nowhere will have us. :( We tried to have a date night last week and when Jay called to make reservations, they laughed at him and said that they were closed. So, we've been trying to have some "homebound fun." That includes lots of crafts and Christmas movies and LOTS of cookies. I had to whip up a special batch of chocolate chips for Jay and Harry the other night. I know they're not Christmas-y, but they're Jay's all-time favorite, so I obliged. :)

Harry thinks its fun to make faces for my new camera. These are his "happy face" and his "angry face."
Emma fought and fought against taking a nap yesterday. She finally gave in on her own terms: sitting up.

Playing with her "snowman hat" from Amber's party.

Getting ready to go to Amber's party. Look how innocent Emma looks!! Its' a complete fake look, but she's cute anyways!

Ems 'nuggling with her Daddy.

Big blue eyes

1st Annual Ugly Sweater Party!!
We kept it really small this year, both due to the weird nature and the snow, but next year, watch out!! Jay and Harry had more fun with the sequins than is probably allowed, but they looked great! Harry even had pompoms on his booty!! :)
Ems in her "ugly dress!"

The girls! :)

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Brian and Linda Holbrook said...

Woah, Harry's sweater was way ugly!