Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

WOW! We've had a busy Easter!! :) Today, we went up to Greenbluff and did an egg hunt on the farm, it was a blast and the kids had SO much fun. Plus, we got ice cream, which is always fun. (I think maybe Jay would've enjoyed it more had it been a little warmer but it was still great!) Yesterday, we had Harry's first swimming lesson (pictures later!) and the base egg hunt. It was decidedly less fun than I'd hoped, Harry just isn't aggressive enough to get more than 1 egg, plus his age group was 3-5, so he was totally overwhelmed. Jay took Ems to hers and said she did great, but she's our little wrestler, so I'd figured as much. ;) We had some friends over on Thurs for the 1st Annual Butterfield Egg hunt. The kids had a blast and the moms got to sit around and chitchat. Again, it would've been great to have it be nicer weather, but we still had fun. :) Thanks guys for coming over!!

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