Thursday, April 2, 2009

All is quiet at the Butterfields....

Two things about these pictures:
1. Yes, that's poptart on Harry's face. C'mon, clearly this was not a planned nap!
2. In the picture of Emma, on the bottom right you can see the paw of her lamb. This lamb says, "Good night, pretty girl, Auntie loves you SOO much" when you press its paw. We listen to it on repeat at least 9 million times a day. Either she misses her auntie or she loves hearing that she is indeed a pretty girl. We can't figure out which. Thanks Auntie. :P Also, the cat meows when you press ITS paw. Yes, my daughter LOVES build-a-bear. Anybody want to be on her good side, all you have to do is send her one with your voice, preferably telling her that she's pretty, and you're golden for at least a year. :) 

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MOMSWEB said...

Why are children extra, extra precious when they're sleeping? I still enjoy checking on my boys in the middle of the night and watching them sleep - they are 11 and 13. Our babies will always be our babies.