Sunday, June 26, 2011

Congratulations Jaybird!

We found out last week that Jay got promoted!!! He will "pin on" for Lt. Colonel sometime next year, most likely in the spring. He and all the other Lt. Col selects from Ramstein threw a party at the O Club on Weds night. Our neighbor was nice enough to watch Harry and Ems so I could take John and have a nice time without chasing the kids around. Thanks Christy! We're SO very proud of Daddy and excited to see what changes this will bring to our lives!
Thumbs up for Daddy!

 I signed Harry up for a journaling class through Big Picture Classes. He's loving it and thinks all the student interaction through their website is awesome. I love that he's excited to keep up his writing and reading skills through the summer! :)

I've still be running with my friend 3-4 times a week. I finally got a strap for my iphone and can use the nike+ GPS app, so its pretty fun to run with "cheers" from Facebook. LOL We snapped a few pictures the other night while we were out, its SO gorgeous up in the heights where we live. If I have to huff and puff around, this is the best place to do it! Beats a treadmill at the gym ANY day! :)

 We stopped for beignets while in Paris last weekend. The patisserie's smell delicious and the scents just waft as you're walking down the streets. There is nothing like it in the world, and they are amazing. I feel like a little kid when we have to choose, there are SO many incredible looking treats!

Snuggles. He was named by previous owners, and we considered changing it, but it just fits him so well. He literally lives on our bed, night and day, except to eat and do his business. I piled over 3 loads of laundry on and around him the other day without him batting an eye. :) He's even great with the kids most of the time, much more patient than the other two! Even John giggles and squeals when he comes around.

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