Wednesday, June 8, 2011

9 months old!

Little Sweets is 9 months old! He looks like such a big boy, as has been pointed out to me, he has a neck now. And we mothers all know what that means... toddler-hood will be arriving shortly. This is very bittersweet to me, I'm happy to see him growing, healthy, and happy, but he's our last little bundle and I've definitely enjoyed his babyhood so very much. I'll be sad to see those days behind us. I recently sold a pile (a huge pile!) of our baby stuff- swing, carseat, stroller- and was great until I started telling the nice lady how all 3 of my beautiful babies came home from the hospital in that carseat. And then the tears come (and now again, as I type this!). We definitely feel that our family is complete with these 3 monkeys, but its sad to end that baby phase.

 John is definitely my sweetest little baby, he's a snuggler and very lovey. He also got the temper that his sister inherited. When he's mad, the world knows it! But he's much easier to soothe and never holds a grudge (not something I can say about the Queen!).

 He is a HUGE flirt. He's been known to squeal when he sees a pretty lady or baby and then coo and hide when she looks over at him. It's hysterical and I'll credit his dad for that trait!
The monthly chicken shot :)

 He's giggly and sweet and ADORES his siblings. He thinks they're the funniest kids in the world. He squeals when they make him giggle and tries to join in on their conversations. To their credit, they try very hard to play with him and include them.

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