Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Der Kuckucksbähnel

We found out about a very cool "cuckoo train" (der Kuckucksbähnel) that was taking a trip this weekend from Lambrecht to Elmstein. So, we invited all of our friends and headed out for the day! It was quite an adventure, but SO much fun!

We ladies had quite a bit of wine on the train there...

Jay thought he was hysterical watching me freak out about holding the baby out the window. :(

sweet blue eyes!

On the hike. FYI, a German stroller-friendly kids hike is NOT the same as an American stroller-friendly kids hike. Think: MUCH farther and lots of stroller-carrying. :( Thank God Jay was with me, or Emma and John wouldn't have come down the mountain. 

I finally got a picture of the gorgeous poppies in bloom lately

beautiful view of Elmstein

My Happy Hiker

Queen Sassafras

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