Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Farm Show!

We went on a Learning Playdate Fieldtrip today!! Amber set up a group trip to the Junior Livestock Show here in Spokane. We had about 14 moms and over 20 kids show up, it was great! Harry and Hazel petting the pigs. Harry couldn't believe how big they were! And they smelled....
Harry got to feed the goat animal crackers!
Look, Mom, a GOAT!
Harry wanted to ride the cow. He was very upset when I told him he couldn't.
That's a whole lotta double strollers!!! :) Tanya, Jacqueline, Kim, Preston, Thi, Abby, Kelly, Zack, Gretchen, Hazel, Dorian, Jordan, Amber, Thomas, Joshua, Amy, Kai, Lynelle, Sklyur, Jace, Me, Emma, Harry, Michaelle, and Luciana. And the little boy in the brown in the front (we weren't sure where he came from, he just liked all the kids!)

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