Friday, May 30, 2008

New Diapers!

So, I got the bright idea to start using cloth diapers on my monkeys. Where this idea came from, I'm not exactly sure. I think it stemmed from kids potty training early who wear them, and then when I looked into, I discovered that they're not exactly what I was picturing. They're much cooler, easier, and cleaner! :) Harry LOVES his new green diaper and we're working on not pooping in it. I told him it's his special diaper and he has to tell me if he has to poop so that he doesn't get it dirty. So far, it's worked okay, but we'll see... So far, my only complaint is that they're a little bulky on Emma, but it's not a problem yet. The brand I'm using is bumgenius in case anyone else is interested- I'll keep you updated on how they're working! :)
The kids playing in the box. They always send these HUGE boxes and Harry just loves them, and Emma just loves anything Harry does.
Both kids loving each other. :)
being cute!


Brian and Linda Holbrook said...

We did cloth diapers for a while with Susy when she was about Emma's age-ish. I loved it, Brian would have no part. It didn't last long. Good luck! Fuzzi Bunz are good, too.

Jeannette said...

Keep us posted on if it helps with the potty training!

I just started trying to "train" Charlie today. So far he's soaked 5 pairs of underwear and has yet to make it to the potty. I downloaded an "e-book" off the internet from someone who claims by the end of day 3 they'll be fulled trained. I'm a little concerned that I got ripped off at this point...