Friday, May 2, 2008

FL Trip, Part V (Last one!)

Grandpa Steve got to meet Emma for the first time! :)
Emma and Grandma cuddling. Emma's laughing at Grandpa. :)
My kids cannot keep their hands off each other. Harry LOVES to make her giggle, so needless to say, this is the best family picture we got!
The whole family!
When we got on the plane to fly home, Harry says, "Daddy goes HERE" and climbed right up in the cockpit! The poor pilot couldn't stop laughing, Harry was so positive that he belonged there. That and he was still eating his chicken nugget!

And this is what we came home to. MORE SNOW!! On April 30!! Can you believe that???

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Lisa LaGoo said...

oh my goodness - that picture of harry in the cockpit is priceless! i love it - what a great story. haha. made my night. :)