Tuesday, May 13, 2008

7 months old!! :)

Can you believe Emmers is 7 months old already? It seems like Harry's first months took MUCH longer. I'm not sure if it was the "new mom syndrome" where time drags because you have such a constant bored/overwhelmed cycle going on, but she's getting big SO quickly.

This video is of Emma "talking." She's starting to mumble a few little sounds lately, but this one cracks us all up. :)
This dress used to be mine. :)

Her first biter biscuit. I hate these things because they're SO messy, but the kids love them and they help them with teething.
Wild child at the pool!
They're the sweetest brother and sister ever! I'm really not sure what's wrong with them.... ;)


Anonymous said...

So cute Jenn! I love the picture of Emma and Harry together, very sweet.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that last comment was from me. :D *Kelly S