Friday, October 17, 2008

Baptism and Party Pictures!

Emma was baptized last Sunday, we got it done in under a year- we were one day close, but whatever! ;) She did pretty well, neither kid wanted to be at mass beforehand, but they were both pretty good during the actual ceremony. Harry was apparently starving to death through the entire thing and kept saying, "but I'm really really hungry right NOW!" Shannon took him for a nice walk around the chapel and thus missed the picture with Father. Again, whatever! She also managed to fall and hit her mouth on my coffee table as we were walking out the door (Emma, not Shannon!)- blood on the white dress, not a good thing. We dabbed it with water and it immediately came out, thank God!

She got a rocking horse, and is absolutely in love with it! Every morning, I hear her climb out of bed and go over and push the button to make him sing, and then hear, "Ohhhhhh, Hiiiiiiiiiii." :)Do these look familiar??? My grandma used to make these for every birthday party Katie and I had growing up, so I thought they'd be perfect for Emma's first birthday! :)

Harry and I bowling- he had SO much fun, and all the kids did much better than I thought they would! They managed to each complete a game and had a blast!Emma playing with the balloons! She's SO cute!

The rest are more party pictures! I know this post is super long and with LOTS of pictures, but we had a such a great party :)

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