Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay, so I have a TON of pictures to post. However, my stupid computer is acting really really dumb lately and won't work. Jay's in the process of wiping off my hard drive and reloading everything. We're hoping it works, or else somebody's going to be asking for $ for a new computer for her birthday.... ;) Which is coming up sooooooooon!!! 

We're debating going to Vegas for Jay's graduation stuff in December. However, the main event- the graduation dinner- is formal and no-kiddos-allowed. Hence, I need a babysitter. Being that I've never been to a graduation yet (I missed Jay's because Harry was 4 days old!!), I'd like to go and due to other circumstances, won't make any of the future ones before we move. SO- who wants to come to Vegas and play with the Butterfields???? The other option would be for a responsible adult to come here and I could run away and have a romantic weekend with my husband.... hint, hint, nudge, nudge.... :) This would also work as a birthday present....

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