Saturday, October 18, 2008

Emma's 1 yr Dr Appt.

Ems had her 1 yr well-baby visit on Weds. She was thrilled to be naked and have the run of the waiting room. :)
When we got there, she had a fever of 100.4, which I knew was because of the 3 teeth she has coming in. She also ended up with 5 separate shots AND an anemia screen. I don't remember doing that with Harry, but apparently, its standard now. She howled through the entire thing, and Harry wiped out off a chair and hit his head on the wall during it, and of course I couldn't do anything to help either of them. UGH. That's soo frustrating as a mom.
Anyways, 2 of her teeth came through that night and we gave her a little Motrin, and she's back to our goofy giggly trouble-making little princess already. :)

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Trippleaaa said...

Super cute pictures of Emma running around in her diaper!