Friday, October 31, 2008

Massive Amounts of Pictures!!!

So... my computer is finally working again. Not working well, but functioning. AND I re-loaded my photo software, so I can put pictures up again! I'm just posting most of the pictures that I'm way behind on- they're on here in the smallest form so as not to make this the longest blog post EVER. If you want to see one bigger, click on it, and a new window will open with the picture in full-size. :)
1. We went to the Finch Arboretum again. I dragged Jay there last weekend, and we all had a blast. Even Jay had to admit that it was beautiful there and SO fun to play in the leaves. We did a little exploring this time and found a cute waterfall and creek. Harry also found some crabapples, which he insisted on taking a picture of to send to his Ga-ga.

2. Mommy and Me Halloween Party- we had a great time! The kids loved having so many of their friends in one place! Plus, candy, games, and treats! Who could ask for more?
3. On Sunday, my friend Rhenda and I took our little ones skating- Harry and Anna had a great time, as did Rhenda and I! The kids were SO cute and did really really well. Harry was loving it and even managed to stand up on his own a little bit. I'm so proud!! Afterwards, Harry and I went and chased the ducks and geese for awhile. It was such a gorgeous fall day I couldn't resist!

4. Random Halloween pictures- we had about 7 Halloween things this week, so bear with me... that little race car driver and his ballerina sister wore out their costumes this year!

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