Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy October! :)

I couldn't come up with a catchier title than that... sorry? I guess I'm not at my most creative in the mornings, surprise, surprise!! :P

We went to a park playdate at our favorite park in Medical Lake on Thursday with some friends. Harry decided that he wanted to help by pushing Emma on the swings. She loved it, but he couldn't seem to remember to let go when he pushed her, so he got knocked over on the backswing just about every single time! She loved it though, anything with Harry is great. She's saying his name now, too. It's more of a "Hay-ee" than anything else, but she yells it whenever she sees him and says, "Hi Hay-ee" whenever they've been separated for more than 8 seconds. Cute.

We also went to Mobius on Friday. We only lasted about half an hour as both kids had meltdowns, Harry much more so than Ems, she usually just fusses in sympathy or something.

Ems on the plasma car at Mobius- she felt like such a big girl and was SO excited!

Harry in the Viking helmet- we're working on doing dress-up with him, because he loves to pretend, but hates changing clothes. ;)

Teaching Ems to play the drums. They were so cute- he'd bang, then she'd bang, then they'd both giggle uncontrollably. They were both SO excited that they matched too, Harry kept saying, "Emma's shirt is JUST LIKE MINE!"

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