Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Fun!

On Saturday, we headed up to Greenbluff for our annual pumpkin excursion. We'd planned to go to Harvest House with our friends, but the pumpkins there were just lumped in a huge pile, so I made Jay take us to Siemer's instead. That's where we'd gone last year and had a great time. For some reason, Harry kept thinking there were supposed to be eggs inside the pumpkins- he kept yelling, "where's the eggs?" every time we'd crack one open. No idea wherehe got that from, but he was quite angry that we'd gotten "broken punkins." :P

Emma in the pumpkin cart!
Harry wanted "THIS one!"Ems with her pumpkin
Jay was not thrilled about going picking.
They each got to take home a mini pumpkin. Emma tried to eat hers!

Mommy's carvings- Silly face and a moon with batsDaddy's carvings- ghost and monster face

This is last year's pumpkin patch picture- Harry looks little and Mommy looks HUGE!! (This was the weekend before I had Ems!)

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Lisa said...

1) i love em's pigtails in the leaves - adorable!

2) that is HILARIOUS that harry thought there were supposed to be eggs in the pumpkins.

3) we are going to an orchard and having a pumpkin carving contest w/ hay ride for work tomorrow. i've carved pumpkins with chemists before and let's just say it's going to be hilarious with engineers. oy.

4) are you coming to MN for christmas?

5) apparently i use numbering these days.