Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Harry!!

We had Harry's 3rd Birthday Party today at the Raptor Reef Waterpark. It was a blast and all the kids (and adults!) had a great time. I asked Harry what his favorite part was and he said, "Well, there weren't any balloons, but I guess I loved the hot tub the best!" (They have a hot tub that's half inside and half outside, he LOVES that!) I guess next year, I'll know to get some balloons... :)

Emma had to take a power nap after her cupcake! :)
Presents at home: I asked him to "hold it up and smile." This is what I got.
Emma trying out Harry's new Helmet Racer. She LOVES that it talks to her!! :P
He asked for a "cold ice cream cake with chocolate" so we got him a DQ cake like Mommy had. :)The boys setting up the SUPER COOL Speed Racer track!!! Even Emma was impressed!We also got snow last night and today. Ems got to wear her boots, which was great, but the hat was not as favorable... ;)

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