Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! We hope you all have a wonderful day and get lots of turkey, stuffing, and whatever else floats your boat. :) As for us, we'll have turkey and cheesy potatoes and whatever else comes up! 

In other news: We finally confirmed that Ems has a peanut allergy. UGH. We'd given her a taste of peanut butter when she had croup and she'd then had a breathing attack, but we chalked it up to the croup. A few weeks later, she stole a piece of Harry's toast and her whole little face turned red and puffy. So, when we had her dr's appt this last week, I asked about it and we had her tested. Sure enough, the little monkey has an allergy. They said it could do 1 of 2 things: get progressively worse every time she has a peanut, or she could outgrow it around age 2-3. Of course, we're hoping for the outgrowing thing, but we don't want to "test it" until she's older, obviously. They did say we were lucky to have caught it so early, so at least that's in our favor, right? 
Harry's birthday party is tomorrow. The kid has absolutely made out in money sent and gift cards so far- I took him to Target the other night and let him pick out a few things that he's been eyeballing. We got the Tag reader and a Speed Racer track set. He was actually very wise in all his decisions, whenever he saw something he liked he would say, "And I need this for my birthday!" So, I'd ask him, "Is this really what you want, or do you want to keep looking?" He would usually pass on the stuff he didn't need and waited until we had gotten to some of the stuff that he really wanted, like the Speed Racer stuff. :) I'm very proud of him!!! His party is at Raptor Reef tomorrow, we invited just a few of his friends to come hang out with us and have some cake and do lots of swimming. Ems and Jay are really really excited too, that place is SO much fun! I'll try and post pictures when I can.... 

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