Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New pics...

Okay, so really these are all of Emma, but Harry won't let me take his picture lately. Maybe its because he doesn't get thrown in the air quite as high as Lumpy, but ya know...

Ems and Daddy play this game pretty much every time she gets fussy. Which is pretty much every time she's not the complete and total center of his universe.

Calling Daddy on the phone. Every time the phone rings, she says, "HIIIIII DaDEEEE." Its starting to get annoying, especially now that Jay's home and doesn't call every 5 minutes, its actually other people. I bet every single person that calls me tomorrow to say Happy Birthday gets to hear it.... ;)

Lumpy on her "rocketstar." Jay says I have to stop buying Emma presents that Harry will LOVE and "stop reclaiming my childhood." Dad, I don't think I had anything this cool?

Yes, she looks, acts, and wants-to-be like her Daddy. :) Oh, boy, am I in for it!

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