Saturday, November 8, 2008

My funny little children....

1. Has a heat rash, so she's wandering around naked all day, on top of having a runny nose. It's attractive. She also thinks its hilarious because she can smack her tummy louder when she's naked. :)
2. Figured out her shake-n-go car today. Its hot pink and vrooms when she shakes it. She gets startled when it makes the loud noise, so she drops it, and it then zooms across the floor. She then screeches and runs after it, usually falling about halfway because her legs are too short/stubby to run and collapses into giggles. (I'm trying really hard to get a video of this!)
3. Got a phone call the other day informing her that she won a "movie package" from the corn maze people. (We got our names entered because we completed the corn maze!) Turns out, she won several movies, lots of popcorn, and some other goodies. She could care less, but apparently she's the lucky one for this generation- previously, its been Uncle Joe and Kates.
4. Wears pigtails when she's in trouble. Not sure if its my lack of patience that puts them in so I can't be mad at her when she's that cute, or she just knows she's cute and can get away with more... Its up for debate right now!
5. Has started hauling all her animals, blankets, toys, and loveys into the living room every time I turn my back. I think she's trying to tell me that a) my living room isn't cozy enough for her or b) she wants the living room to be her bedroom. I'm leaning towards b since she's been fighting naps lately.

1. Told me today that he's going to be an airplane guy like his Daddy. (Cute!) He is concerned about the size of the helmets though... ;)
2. Told me that his name cannot be Henry because he's not a train. (?)
3. Says that he has hurt feelings (this is at about 10 am). Later, he'd been playing in his room, and came out and said that he has good feelings now because he cuddled with his lovey. (how cute is that?!)
4. Asked me today if Daddy was EVER coming home again? I thought this was pretty darn sad, and probably has something to do with his hurt feelings. :( I explained that Daddy was busy being an airplane guy (which currently involves drinking whiskey at the Irish bar near the hotel while his plane doesn't get fixed) and would be home as soon as he could.
5. Is asleep on the couch and looks really adorable right now.
6. Asks me every single day at least 10 times when his birthday is coming. He is a very excited little boy and having a very hard time with the fact that both Mommy's and Emma's come before his. And Ga-ga's, but we're continuing the tradition of celebrating them on the same day (at least in spirit this year!), even though Harry was stubborn and was born 50 minutes into the 10th. Sorry again, Ga-ga!

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Jeannette said...

That's a cute little update. It makes me want to slow down a little and think about what my kids are doing right now and appreciate them a little more :)