Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!

It snowed on Thursday for us!! :) Just a bit and just for a few hours, but we had some great heavy flakes coming down. I took the kids out to play, Emma was furious in about 3 minutes for whatever reason, plus managed to catch a cold during that time. UGH. Harry loved it, but was mad he had to wear a hat. He also keeps asking when he can go skiing. I told him there wasn't quite enough snow for that and he says, "okay, then lets' go get some more!" If only it were that simple....

My wonderful husband left Monday for a 4 day trip, that we're now on day 6 of. Yes, my friends, Jay's plane has broke AGAIN while he's in a tropical destination. Well, Florida this time, but every single time he's been somewhere nice (Hawaii, Florida, Guam), his plane has "broken." I think I"m sensing a conspiracy here?? So, he'll hopefully be back tonight or tomorrow, although he's thinking Monday. :(

Emma playing with her birthday stuff from the Weber's! Thanks guys!

pretty girl posing! (Thanks for the sweater Bernard's!!)

Harry in the snow- he really was thrilled, he just doesn't like hats...

Ems during her 3 seconds outside. I think her little hands got cold...

Shannon sent this for Harry when he was small and now it fits Emma! It makes her little eyes look SO blue and pretty. Thanks again Shanoon! :)

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