Monday, June 9, 2008


So, my kids each have big milestones this week. Emma is turning 8 months old on Saturday and Harry will be 2 1/2 tomorrow. I thought I would do a post for each of them with some updates and fun stuff. And lots of cute pictures!! :)

Emma Beth- 8 months- 29 inches tall- 20.5 pounds- size 12-18 month clothes.

Emma in her pretty dress (that's already too small!!). This is also her first time wearing pigtails! Emma's "determined" face She just LOVES her brother!! She looks exactly like my mom's baby pictures here. My little pigtailed angel!

This video is of Ems crawling. She's been doing it for a few weeks now and is finally starting to get really good. She's up on her knees now, instead of just doing the "army crawl." I was dreading her learning to crawl because then I'd have TWO mobile children, but so far she seems content to simply explore where she's at a little more. She's good about staying in one room- although, she LOVES to sneak off and hide in the bathroom. She just sits in there and giggles until we peek around the corner at her. She still thinks she's hilarious and loves to laugh at herself when she does something she thinks is funny. Most times she's funnier than the action itself! This week, she started saying "Hidahdah," which, while cute, is incredibly frustrating since Jay's been gone for the last month and half and yet she STILL says his name first! I know it's just syllables right now, but it would have been nice. She also loves to play dinosaurs with Harry. He roars at her and she squeals and screeches back. He thinks she's playing with him, and she thinks he thinks she's funny. It's great and very entertaining. Emma still absolutely adores Harry- she follows him around the house. (And when she doesn't follow him, Harry will roll her there! I can't seem to get through to him that he's not allowed to "move" her!!) She's still sleeping with 89 stuffed animals at night with no signs of stopping. The spitting up has finally slowed to a minimum, and thank God for that. (For those of you who met Emma when she was itty bitty, she was a projectile queen!) She's also discovered our kitties, whom she thinks are stuffed animals that move, but she's far too slow still to catch them. Every so often she'll catch a clump of Jerry as she walks by, but that's about it. They're wary of her and stay FAR away from Harry, so we don't worry too much about them. I think that's about it... More on Harry later! :)

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Yay, way to crawl Emma! Love the pig tails...too stinking cute! *Kelly S*