Thursday, June 26, 2008

NH Trip- Part II

We went to York Animal Kingdom (a zoo) and got to see lots of great animals. Harry saw a helmet (elephant) and got to pet its snout; lots of butterflies and cocoons; a kapyberra (his fabo-ite aminal!); lemurs (like Zaboo!); and got to feed deer and goats. We also got to take a paddle boat ride, since Grandma and Grandpa were there to hang out with Emma. Harry liked that a lot, but his little head was drooping the whole time. That fresh air really tuckers him out! So well, that he and Emma both slept through Mom's very very quick trip to Carters and Oshkosh at the Kittery Outlets!! :) Harry chasing the ducks Harry and Ed feeding a goatMommy and Harry feeding the deer

The next day, we drove up to Ogunquit, Maine to go rock hunting and throwing. Ed, Amanda, Kellie, Jess, Hannah, Abby, Stephanie, Christine, Sean, Jay, Harry, Emma and I all picked out rocks to present to Grandma and Grandpa in their renewal ceremony. It was a very cool experience, plus Harry really liked to throw the extra ones back into the ocean! :) Harry, Abby, and Hannah throwing rocks Harry and Daddy picking out rocks Mommy and Emma

After Ogunquit, we stopped off at York Beach. The water was pretty chilly, so Harry was the only one swimming. Jay and Ems camped out on the sand and I chased Harry through the waves. The fog was in when we got there and slowly cleared as we stayed. What a gorgeous place!! Harry at York Beach Daddy and Ems at York Beach- the sun was in their eyes! Isn't that gorgeous??

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