Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nature Hike

Today we went on a Nature Walk at Turnbull Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. We saw a porcupine, deer, turkeys, ducks, and red-winged blackbirds. Harry said that he saw the deer eating, but who really knows? :) We met up with some of our friends from playgroup and had a picnic by the lake afterwards. It was finally a nice summer day- it got up to 65 today! We had beautiful blue skies and it was SO nice to get outside and do something other than walk around the mall. Both kids snored the whole way home- they were so tuckered out from all the friends and fresh air. Harry said to Emma as we pulled in, "Emma, you can't have my friends." :) Emma actually slept for most of the hike- I think it's the antibiotics. I took Harry in this morning to get his ruptured eardrum checked out and apparantly, he STILL has an infection. I guess the 10 days of antibiotics he took didn't do the trick. So, now he's on a quick 5 day cycle. I also had her quickly look in Em's ears also, since she's been really cranky again lately, but stopped the teething bit. Turns out, she has one too! So, now I have TWO kids with infections and on antibiotics. Whoo-hoo.... How many days till Jay comes home????? :P I think I might really need that spa day I've been hinting at....

Harry and Shane took off as soon as we got there!
Kai, Harry, and Shane checking out the rocks down below
The view from our picnic spot!
Harry and Shane on the boardwalk- this was the only way we could get them to walk with the group!
Emma got a "baby" yesterday- she's absolutely in love and gives it kisses and coos at it. So funny!!

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