Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Day with Friends

We spent the morning today playing with friends. We tried to meet up with people at the park, but the thermometer said 46 degrees, so I decided that was too cold for Miss Runny Nose and Mr. Ear Infection. So, we headed to the Mall to the play area. It worked out well, because Emma and I needed to get some shopping done. :) We both need dresses for Grandma and Grandpa Butterfield's Party in 2 weeks. We found one for her today that's just perfect AND it fits her, which is a big deal lately! :) Now, we just need one for me....
Emma and her new friend Kierra
Harry driving the cart around- this would make a great Christmas/birthday gift....hint. hint...
Emma being pretty- as always!
Harry, Joshua, and Thomas at the park!
Harry on the bridge
Emma all bundled up in the stroller!
And I've got some more bathtub pictures.... sorry, but I think they're adorable!! :)

This was Emma's first "sit-up" bath- normally she's laying on a sling, but I figured she was steady enough to try it!
...and she was thrilled!!
They're SO cute!
Emma in her new jammies. Her first nightgown!

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