Saturday, June 28, 2008

Riverfront Park and a Baseball Game!

Yesterday morning, we took Ga-ga (Grandpa John) to Riverfront Park to ride the rides and have some fun. Turns out, Hoopfest is going on, so they had tons of booths and food vendors out and we had a great time. Most of the rides that were for Harry's age were shut down for the morning, but we rode the Carousel, the Strawberries, and even the Tilt-a-Whirl. I wasn't sure how Harry would do on the rides being that he sometimes gets motion sickness, but he did awesome and begged to do it again!
Emma swinging- she loved it!
Harry on the wagon slide
Emma conked out on the gondolas!
and missed a great view of the falls!
Mommy and Harry rode the strawberries- Harry did great!
Last night, our friends (the Aikmans) invited us to a baseball game. We were more than happy to join them and had a great time! In the middle of the second inning, a nice man approached us and asked us if we wanted to sit in his skybox since his group wasn't coming. Again, we were happy to oblige and the kids had space to play and we had a great view of the game!
Mommy and Ems
Harry and Annika
Emma and Ga-ga
Emma trying to decide who her favorite player is....


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Michelle said...

Wow, the skybox! That sounds like fun! It's so cute to see a picture of Harry and Annika together =)