Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day and Daddy's Home!!!

So, Daddy came home yesterday just in time for Father's Day. We took him out to dinner and then went to the all-exciting Walmart to buy more fish, since Mommy has effectively killed all of our Memo's during Daddy's trips except one carnivore. I still maintain that he ate the rest of them. I have to say Walmart is so much faster and more enjoyable when there are two parents. Normally I have 2 options when Harry bolts: a- leave Emma in the aisle in the cart by herself or b-let Harry go and scream after him to get his cute little butt back to where I am. It's usually a combination of both, but last night Harry had a man-to-man defense on him and he didn't get to run. It was beautiful and he was not happy about it! :) Harry is extremely excited to see Daddy and was wired to the max at dinner last night. He woke up this morning and came running out to make sure that he was still here!
Harry and Ems playing with the lamb. I think Harry was trying to teach her to wrestle.
Emma waited by the door for a good hour before Daddy got home.
Harry came to join her a few times...
But she was SOO upset when he got here! She watched him walk up the sidewalk and as soon as he came in the house she burst into tears. I think he just scared her a little, as she got over it and was his best friend shortly after. She looks at him with such adoration, it's just beautiful.
Happy Father's Day Everybody!!!

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