Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun with Monkeys

Today was another fun day. We spent the morning laying around the house. Harry woke everybody up early, so Emma crawled in bed with me and snuggled in for a quick nap. I love being able to do that with her since my dad's still here. All you parents with one kid: ENJOY the one-on-one time snuggling and such. I feel like Emma gets far less snuggle time that Harry did. She gets the quantity, but nowhere near the length of time. Plus, I never get to watch her sleep in my arms and do all her sweet little baby things. There's always too much else to do, or Harry "just better needs" something from me. :) Ah, the joys of two kids...

Anyways, we went outside for a bit this afternoon as well. Dad snapped some great pictures of the kids playing on the blanket together. They amaze me with how well they play together. Emma just idolizes Harry and he's pretty great with her most of the time. He gets a little rough sometimes, but she handles it like a champ and gives it right back! :)

Tonight was Kids Night at the Cheney Pizza Hut, so we met up with some friends: the Holbrooks and the Beatty's. So great to see everybody again after our long trip! Harry, Susy, and Ariana were SO excited to see each other.

Tonight was Harry's first camping trip of the year. We went an entire 10 feet out the back door and set up the tent. ;) He has his podo (pillow with special pillowcase), 2 loveys, 2 flashlights, huge queen air mattress, special blue racing sleeping bag (not sure what the racing part is?), a pair of socks, and his Grampa. He started out with Mommy but he wanted a drink of water and I told him he was all done in the tent if we came inside, and he says, "Fine. I will sleep in my bed then." So, we came inside, and he drank his milk and asked Grampa if he'd camp with him. Dad agreed, and they headed back out. It's been 30 minutes, so we'll see how well they do! :)

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