Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun Summer Days!

On Friday, I hosted a playdate for my Mommy and Me Group. We met at the park across the street and then migrated to our backyard to play in the pools and eat lunch. All the kids had a blast and us moms got to hang out and have some great conversation. I really really enjoy being part of this group and being an organizer. They've all helped me come to love the area and I've made some wonderful friends! all the kids trying to go down the pool slide Joshua Myann Rhenda showing the kids how to blow bubbles

Yesterday, the M&M group had a family day up at Greenbluff. We got there early, as it was supposed to be 100+ degrees, and ended up being one of the only families that got any peaches. Which was wonderful, because Jay and Harry both love them! Harry on the wagon Harry eating a peach Harry on the pony, Smokey

Well, it DID get up to 100 degrees, so the Domrese family kindly invited us out to their river cabin to swim again. Harry LOVES to swim there and he LOVES his best friends Thomas and Joshua, so its a win-win situation for everybody. Thanks again Domrese Family!! Harry playing dump trucks Joshua kayaking Thomas swimming Emma practicing floating :) Harry and Mr. Dan so many fun toys!! Daddy and Emma fun-yaking

This video is of Thomas swimming like Michael Phelps- can you tell we've all been watching the Olympics?!!

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