Monday, August 4, 2008

Mama got a new CAR! :)

Mommy got a new car! Jay found a 79 Fiat Spyder on Craigslist on Sat. night, so we went to check it out yesterday after the car show and I fell in love with it! I'd been admiring a pretty deep green colored car at the show, and sure enough, the Spyder is almost that exact color. Except better, of course. :P We got it for a steal because it has some work needing to be done- timing on transmission, new console covers, lots of spit and polish on the body, and a few other things. SO- I could use some gift certificates for my birthday!! Hint, hint... I guess we have two people to buy car stuff for now! :)
Isn't she pretty??!!
Harry can't get over that it doesn't have a top! Too bad there's barely a backseat, kiddo!
Harry with top down
Emma's already dreaming about when she can drive it!
The 4 of us at the car show yesterday- we had SO much fun!

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