Thursday, August 14, 2008

Park Day and Grilling

The kids and I went to Manito Park today. It's soo pretty there- the park was a little crowded, so we headed down to the gardens and strolled around for awhile. It's sooo pretty there! The kids were all very well-behaved for the most part and loved walking through the lawns holding hands- it was so cute.
Harry got a donut from Amber!
Harry, Thomas, Anna, and Joshua holding hands
Harry and Joshua trying to fall into the fountain!
Thomas, Anna, Joshua, Emma, and Harry
my adorable little monkeys :)
The Holbrooks came over for dinner tonight since Brian was flying- the kids played in the pools for awhile and then we put pork chops on the grill. All in all, we had a great evening with friends! :)
Emma trying not to get her swimsuit wet :)
Harry lounging around with all the girls!
Emma pushing the car and learning to walk
the car wouldn't drive well in the grass, so she gave up and pushed it like this- I just love her little ruffled bum in the air!


Brian and Linda Holbrook said... forgot to mention the bee sting and the monster huge spider :) but, thanks for dinner!! we had a great time.

Kim said...

I love the picture of Harry in the pool with the girls!!! He's already working on his skills, what a ladies man!!