Monday, August 4, 2008

First Car Show

Yesterday was Jay's first car show with the Nova. We had a great time- our friend Phil was there and our friends the Domrese's came as well to check things out. This was the first time Harry's seen his "best friends" Thomas and Joshua in almost 6 weeks! It's been WAY too long and the boys were SO excited to see each other. Jay didn't win anything, we still have some work to do on the seats and the paint, but it was a great first show. Phil won first in his division for his Dodge Magnum. (It has Lamborghini doors and is SUPER cool!)

Everybody has hats on! This is a big feat for Harry, so we had to take a picture!
Harry and his friends Thomas and Joshua at the car show
Emma smiling at the pretty baby
She's so cute!

Mommy also got an awesome new toy yesterday.... I'll put pictures up later when I get her out of the garage!

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