Sunday, August 24, 2008

Picture day!

I got a ton of cute pictures yesterday, so I'm just throwing them on here without too much format. Enjoy! :) Look how long her hair is!!
She loves the tub!
so sweet!
Harry has such blue eyes! Amber took this with her camera's last dying breaths (she left it in the rain overnight!) and it still takes much better focused pictures than mine does. :( I think I need a new one for Christmas....
I think she's going to be a tomboy?! This took her a grand total of 5 minutes- she got her shoes off, her outfit completely muddy, exploded and played in a can of 7-up, and climbed the cement stairs.
We went back to Greenbluff yesterday- Harry and Shane eating nectarines
My sweet little babies in the trailer :)
Ems playing in the grass
Daddy and Emma playing their favorite game- toss the baby!

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