Monday, August 11, 2008

Skyfest Weekend

Harry and I went to Mobius for butterfly day on Friday. They didn't do as much butterfly stuff as either of us would have liked, but he got to see some of his friends and had some fun.
Harry on the crane at Mobius
This weekend was the FAFB Skyfest. We saw lots of cool planes and had lots of fun. The weather has been high 90's for a week, but thankfully it cooled down to high 70's for the weekend, and we were able to spend ALL day there on Saturday. Harry and Grampa went back for the whole day on Sunday, too! Those boys just couldn't get enough of the planes. We bought Harry a model of a Blue Angel and he's been carrying that around constantly ever since. We got to tour a few cool planes- C130, KC10, KC135 (of course, that's Daddy's plane!), some helicopters. Plus, we saw lots of jets and fighter planes do their thing- the F22 was the loudest, and thus, Emma's favorite. Harry liked the Blue Angels, who were amazing.
Emma already for Skyfest
Harry watching the planes from our house
Harry and Ems at Skyfest
Harry in the Sheriff Helicopter (Hop-Cop)
Blue Angels
The Blue Angels do their Starburst- SO cool!

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