Saturday, August 2, 2008

We're Ba-a-ack!

We're finally back in Spokane. We left MN on Tues night and after 3 VERY long days (including a trip through Yellowstone!) we made it to Spokane just in time to celebrate Jay's 34th birthday with him. :) He was very suprised to see us and very glad that we're home. As are we, of course!
These are the last of the MN pictures- I think... and a few from the road trip. Jay finally has the Nova's brakes done, so he's putting her in a show tomorrow afternoon. I'll try and get some nice pictures of everybody with the car. Ga-ga taught Harry to drink the milk from his cereal bowl!
Emma having a snack
Auntie and Harry in the birdcage at Sha-Sha
My friend Mike was SO kind and took me for a boat ride the last night that I was there. Thank you SO much!!
Ems and Shannon
Old Faithful
The kids and I at the Shoshone Lodge cabin we stayed at in Wyoming
Harry and Grampa at the Old Faithful Inn
Emma watching Old Faithful

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